About Us

Mothers and Children in Crisis Inc. (MCC) is an organization of representatives from a broad range of community stakeholders who are in the process of establishing a residential treatment facility in Onondaga County for pregnant and parenting women who are participating in either Family Treatment Court or Syracuse Community Treatment Court. The residential facility will provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for the women and their dependent children. MCC is incorporated and a registered 501c 3.
Currently, in Central New York, there are no residential centers where women can live with their children while receiving inpatient substance abuse treatment. We believe that the rates of recidivism, incarceration, non-compliance and court ordered dissolution of families (usually single parent) appear to be strongly linked to the presence or absence of family housing and basic support services.
This program uses an encounter with the justice system as an opportunity for re socialization, healthcare navigation services, and case management for femaleĀ  participants and their young children. It places special emphasis on Maternal Child Healthcare and it recognizes that a major contributing factor to the poor outcomes of pregnancy is poor socioeconomic/ behavioral circumstances affecting the access that these women have to the healthcare system in Onondaga County.

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