Mothers and children in Crisis

Women who are enslaved by substance abuse and/or sex trafficking are particularly vulnerable members of our society. They are often frightened and feel hopeless. Many have young children. Who will take care of these children? What will become of these children?

According to NYS Health Department statistics, Onondaga County has the highest rate in the state of hospital discharges of newborns with drug-related issues.

Post Standard article: As more pregnant women take painkillers, Syracuse doc sees surge in newborn addicts

Mothers and children in Crisis  has the simple goal for mothers to take care of their children.  This requires a safe place to live while receiving intensive substance abuse treatment and a safe environment for infants and toddlers, to grow and learn in a warm home.

Currently, there are no in-patient substance abuse treatment facilities in Onondaga County where women can live with their children while receiving intensive in-patient substance abuse treatment. Several other counties in the state have such facilities and are successful.  This population is falling through the cracks in Onondaga County. Who will take care of these children? What will become of these children?

Volunteer social workers meet these women in drug court and find that all need a way out, most want a way out, and many have a child or children, some are pregnant and all have a chemical addiction and often nothing more.  They are completely vulnerable, helpless to help themselves or the children.  So who will take care of the children?